Is your site safe?

Google now prioritizes websites that use security for its users. The updated algorithm used by Google to rank websites higher in the search results, promte sites that have an SSL certificate installed. That means secure websites are more likely to be ranked higher in search engines results than unsecured websites.

The theory boils down to trust and caring for site visitors. Google wants to send people to a website that is safe for them to use. If they go to a website that’s less safe and their personal information is stolen, that looks bad on Google’s behalf. That’s why the search engine giant has placed more importance on security for SEO ranking.

Google’s search engines look for HTTPS pages – that “s” at the end is the all-important security certificate. In other words, HTTPS pages will be the default result for a person searching when compared to a site that does not have this certificate.

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Purchasing and installing an SSL certificate can be done in a couple of clicks

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