Project Description

Bombs Away was looking for a redesign of their website to renew their branding, highlight new products and improve workflows while enhancing the user experience.  A fresh new clean, elegant design was developed to complement the existing branding.

The new modern website design, leaning towards minimalism with
purposeful white space supports the clean products of Bombs Away.

Intuitive workflow

Bombs Away was looking for functionality to allow the unique qualities of their products to be showcased.  The new design needed to allow for an explanation of the benefits of using their products beyond a basic on-line store description.

The new design automatically provides the most current related products to help customers discover new offerings.

Grouping products by type without any extra effort

Creating a feed of landing pages for the different customer types allows Bombs Away to explain the benefits of their unique handmade products.

Screen layout of products with similar ingredients

Seamless grouping of products by ingredients without creating more work

The new design allows for the product details to be searched, allowing customers to quickly find similar scents or ingredients.

Project Details

Bath Bombs
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